God made some amazing promises to you at the beginning of the year, and they might start to seem out of sight, but there’s always hope because He has never been limited by our time constraints. 

If day-to-day life has put some of your dreams and goals on hold, it’s not too late for a mid-year reset. 

The story of the Bible is one of resetting and redemption, and just as God hit the “reset” button so many times, from the flood, to the story of salvation and even the symbolism of baptism; we have another opportunity to restart the clock.

This is a season of restoration where we’re standing on The Lord’s promise to restore the years the locusts have eaten. (Joel 2:25) So if you feel like you need a do-over, please consider trying something different from what you’ve done for the last six months.

This workbook is a seven-day journey of Scripture-led self- evaluation. It offers practical worksheets, journaling prompts, and resources to shift your mindset towards one of true partnership with God, so you can achieve the things He has placed on your heart.


Hi…I’m Gabbie!

I’m equal parts Bible-nerd and creative… I love Jesus, cooking, writing, and design. As a career strategist who has transitioned into the design world, let’s just say that multiple passions have collided to bring you this workbook. 

I like to say that my friends come to me for adult parenting. They come hungry, tired, and frustrated, and they leave with full stomachs (+ Tupperware containers) and the knowledge that I’m actively listening and praying with them.  My goal is to recreate the same safe space on the internet for you.

This workbook is a resource for every woman who needs a fresh start after an overwhelming first half… {so basically, me and all my friends.]

If you know me, you know that I’m a self-starter. I’m solution-driven. If I need something I build it. I’ve taught myself pretty much every skill that has made or saved me money, from communications strategy to web development, photography, videography, and calligraphy. It’s the same energy that drove me to finish college a year early. 

Overachievers are amazing people until they hit the ultimate brick wall. That’s what happened to me when God finally had enough of my busy-bodying. After going through a very real series of unfortunate events, I’ve become a lifelong student of resetting from multiple mishaps, and now I’m letting Him teach me how to start over even when I feel like I’ve run out of time. 

If you’re struggling to bounce back from yet another hit, or are looking for a little extra motivation to get going on the goals you set six months ago, I pray that you’ll be inspired and equipped to reclaim lost time and take on the world in the next six months. God has something amazing planned that only YOU are capable of bringing into this world. 


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